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If you passed your test since 1st January 1997 and want to become a Paramedic, then it is highly likely you will have to take and pass the C1 driving licence test, as you will not have category C on your licence needed for Ambulance driver training. At Sirens Driving Academy Ltd, you can be assured that our experienced advanced drivers and instructors not only possess the necessary qualifications to help you get you C1 driving licence, but their experience of operational emergency response driving, will give you skills needed to pass the C1 driving test and help you with Ambulance driver training beyond that. To get you C1 driving licence and pas the C1 driving test, we offer a level of training, which we know is a proven system, similar to that used by Police, Fire and Ambulance through their driver training.

Courses we can offer 

Beginner is a 12 hour course. This can be spread over 3 days or less where necessary.

Intermediate is an 8 hour course. This can be completed in one day if necessary or split over 2 days.

Advanced/ Test ready is a 5 hour course. This is usually a one day course, with 3 hours training and then straight to test. To get the best quote for your C1 driving licence and pass the C1 driving test, then call Sirens on either 07818 408336 or 0800 612 9538. We can offer advanced driver training, Including Ambulance driver training and emergency response driver training to those who require this specialism.

Beginner – We class a beginner, a someone who holds a car category B Licence, but they do not have any experience of driving bigger vehicles, which a C1 licence will give the ability to do. This course will allow you to gain important knowledge and many hours on the road, which will help you be prepared for the C1 driving licence test. During the C1 licence training, you will feel that our trainers have shown you what is needed to reverse a large vehicle into a small space. Our trainers will also show you what is expected on the road, during the C1 Driving test and identify any bad habits or faults, which will affect your ability to gain a C1 driving licence. Intermediate – An intermediate is someone who has some experience of driving larger vehicles and posses a category B licence, however they do not have enough to be confident enough to pass the C1 driving test without some guidance and tuition. Our trainers will again guide them to the required level to ensure they are ready for the C1 driving test. All of what is covered in the beginners course will be covered, but you will have less training and as such it is important to understand what is the right course for you.

Advanced – If you choose the advanced C1 driving licence course, then you have identified that your level of knowledge and ability is higher than the average driver. If you choose this course for your C1 driving licence test, then please ensure that you have experience of driving larger vehicles and are adequately trained to reverse into small spaces with some guidance from our trainers. Passing you C1 driving licence test is our aim, but please identify the correct course that meets your needs.

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