How much do our children learn from us and what age do they actually start to learn to drive? Some would say that children start to learn to drive from the age of 17, so this is when their lessons begin. However like most habits or characteristics our children develop, it is likely they have already had under 17 driving lessons before they even reach that age. This is because they have watched their parents and it is likely they have already started to learn to drive, long before they select first gear, on their first driving lesson.

Finding a good driving instructor to learn to drive is like trying to find a good plumber or electrician and it is sometimes down to recommendations. However by having under 17 driving lessons you can start to instill good habits early and cut down the risk of your child trying to cope with all the other hazards and distractions, while on road with other less patient drivers. Studies in Sweden have suggested that by having under 17 driving lessons, you cut the risk of a collision by 40% and this is because good habits are taught while still young enough, to believe they are normal.

The next time you are out driving and your under 17 year old is next to you, just remember what you are teaching them. If you tend to drive at say 35-40mph in a 30mph limit, and then your children see that as acceptable. If you happen to run the occasional red light or take a sneaky look at a text on you mobile phone, while travelling at speed towards vulnerable road users, this again is an under 17 driving lesson, which you are creating and is likely to make the driver of the future feel that is acceptable.

At Sirens Driving Academy Ltd, we have been running under 17 driving lessons in and around London, for the last 8 years. Here our students learn to drive in a safe environment and are taught about the dangers of driving. We feel that our under 17 driving lessons will make the new driver see the correct way they should be driving and prepare them for safe driving for life.

If you feel you could benefit from putting your children through one of our courses, then come and see what we do at our under 17 driving lessons. We know that you will see that we are committed to providing a first class service with knowledgeable instructors, so that you will feel confident when they turn 17 they drive safer and with more knowledge and skill.

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